Conditions and Criteria for issue of new/renewal of BTL (other than mattresses and umbrellas)

(a) Statutory Provisions as per Beach Authority (Traders’ Licence) Regulations 2004

  1. Licence to be issued subject to clearances from Ministry of Health and Commissioner of Police (statutory regulations); and
  2. applicant to produce a valid Food Handler’s Certificate for trades classified in Class I of the regulations.

(b) Established criteria applied to Beach Trader’s Licence (as approved by the Board in terms of Section 7 (1)(a)(iii) of the Regulations

  1. Licence holders are allowed to trade on only one public beach;
  2. applicant should be unemployed;
  3. applicant should not be holder of any other commercial/trade licence;
  4. consideration be given to factors such as extent of the beach, numbers of existing trades already allowed while issuing new licences;
  5. consider any existing beach hawker (but not licenced);
  6. In Class I, applicants for the selling of Ice Cream or Ice Lollies may apply for a second trade other than Cooked Food (applicable to new traders as from 30th October, 2007);
  7. Licence holders are not allowed to place any table, chair or umbrella while carrying out their trading activities (approved by Board on 30 September 2010);
  8. consider first all re-applied cases whose application had been turned down by BTL Committee in the past (approved by Board on 27 October 2011);
  9. No trader would be allowed the supply of electricity and water to structures pending a policy decision and/or amendments to the Beach Authority Act (approved by Board on 28 February 2012 and the decision of the Ministry by letter dated 8 March 2013);
  10. to issue new beach trader’s licence with a maximum of three different trades (Board decision – 31st October 2012) per applicant on one public beach; and
  11. applicant should select three trades either from Class I or two trades from Class II of the First Schedule of the Regulations, (applicable to new traders as from 31st October, 2012);
  12. All traders issued with Beach Traders Licence by the Authority and who wish to apply for a change in location to trade (i.e. from one public beach to another) should submit fresh application (Board decision31st October 2012);
  13. Application for issue of licence on grounds of hardship case, applicant should submit relevant documents – medical, death certificate and or affidavit (where applicable) (Board decision – 30 July 2013).
  14. Licences will only be issued in the name of the licence holder and no longer to a particular person representing a company (advised by SLO & approved by Board on 31 May 2016)
  15. Licensees shall always be physically present on the premises during operating hours irrespective whether worker/s are present or not (advised by SLO & approved by Board on 31 May 2016)
  16. Licensees shall submit to the Authority the name/s of worker/s (if any) including all relevant particulars at time of renewal of licence and shall notify the Authority upon any change of worker within 3 working days (advised by SLO & approved by Board on 31 May 2016)

Date: 31 May, 2016

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