The authority shall, in respect of the management of public beaches, have such functions as are necessary to further enhance/improve most effectively its objectives and in particular, shall

(a) implements projects relating to –

  1. the conservation and protection of the environment of public beaches
  2. upliftment and landscaping works on public beaches
  3. infrastructural development, including provision of amenities for the use of the public and their maintenance on public beaches
  4. provision of leisure facilities on public beaches
  5. the enhancement of the quality of sea water
  6. day to day cleaning of public beaches

(b) regulate activities on public beaches and ensure the security and safety of users of public beaches

(c) issue beach traders’ licence for activities on public beaches as may be specifically reserved for that purpose

(d) set standards and establish guidelines for beach management so as to enable users of public beaches to derive maximum enjoyment from clean, safe and well equipped beaches whilst safeguarding the environment

(e) advise the Minister on all matters relating to the management and development of public beaches