Beach Traders’ Licence

Conditions and Criteria for issue of new/renewal of Beach Trader’s Licence for renting of mattresses and Umbrellas

a. Statutory Provisions as per Beach Authority (Traders’ Licence) Regulations 2004

  1. Licence to be issued subject to clearances from Commissioner of Police (statutory regulations);

b. Other Conditions (as approved by Board)

  1. licence holders be allowed to trade on one public beach only,
  2. applicant should not be holder of any other commercial/trade licence;
  3. applicant should be unemployed;
  4. applicant should submit a list of all those could be employed by him/ her with their respective certificate of morality (if applicable);
  5. for renting of umbrellas or similar structures (as appropriate), applicant should comply to relevant planning policy guidance (PPG) in force and applicable to beaches;
  6. to limit the number of mattresses/ umbrellas based on factors such as extent of the beach, sea frontage, number of licences already issued and designated area as determined by the Authority;
  7. to allow free passage and no obstruction to be caused to the public domain;
  8. all licencees to strictly comply with code of practice (as attached) and as approved by Board as per Section 7 (2) (a) (iii) of the Beach Authority (Traders’ Licence) Regulations 2004;
  9. applicant for Beach Trader Licence for renting of mattresses and umbrellas, would not be eligible for any other trade as the First Schedule of the Beach Authority (Trader’s Licence) Regulations 2004;
  10. No permanent structure to be used as storage facilities on the public beach;
  11. The Authority reserves the right to relocate the designated area, bring variation, in regard to the number of mattresses and umbrellas, not to renew or revoke the Beach Trader Licence without payment of any compensation and any liability being incurred to the Authority
  12. Licences will only be issued in the name of the licence holder and no longer to a particular person representing a company (advised by SLO & approved by Board on 31 May 2016)
  13. Licensees shall always be physically present on the premises during operating hours irrespective whether worker/s are present or not (advised by SLO & approved by Board on 31 May 2016)
  14. Licensees shall submit to the Authority the name/s of worker/s (if any) including all relevant particulars at time of issue/renewal of licence and shall notify the Authority upon any change of worker within 3 working days (advised by SLO & approved by Board on 31 May 2016)

c. Conditions for Hotels involved in activities for placing of mattresses and umbrellas

  1. For Hotels, the criteria b (i – iv & xiii) will not apply.

Date: 31 May, 2016