Overview Of Licencing Unit


Following the coming into operation on 02 July, 2004 of the Beach Authority (Traders’ Licence) Regulations, 2004,the Authority took over the responsibility for the issue and/or renewal of Beach Hawker’s Licence (formerly Beach Trader’s Licence) from the Local Authorities. This function is being undertaken by the Licensing Unit set up at the level of the Authority. It has, therefore,the following responsibilities:

  1. The day to day processing, issue and renewal of licenses.
  2. Giving authorization to use public beach for all activities (such as leisure/sports, commercial, religious and other related purposes).
  3. Matters relating to the renting of tuckshops and or other commercial spaces.
  4. Dealing to all matters regarding monitoring and enforcement of regulations pertaining to Beach Traders’ Licence


  • All applications received for Beach Trader Licenses are referred to a Sub Committee of the Board for its examination and recommendations and submitted for Board approval.
  • After approval, licenses are issued subject to clearances being obtained from the Ministry of Health & Quality of Life and Commissioner of Police according to Regulations 6 (2) of the Beach Authority (Traders’ License) Regulations 2004.