The Beach Authority (BA), established under the Beach Authority Act No. 7 of 2002, is a body corporate operating under the aegis of the Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity and Environment and Sustainable Development. Its main objective is to ensure an integrated approach for the proper control and management of public beaches both in Mauritius and Rodrigues through the provision of appropriate infrastructure and facilities for the benefit of the public. It also aims at providing a better access to public beaches and ensures that the general public as well as tourists take maximum advantage of the facilities offered. It is to be noted that the tourism industry is one of the main pillars of the Mauritian economy.

Over the years, Mauritius has become more popular with tourists for its reputation as being one of the most luxurious tourists destinations in the world. One of the main strength of attraction to tourists is the clean, magnificent white sandy public beaches and idyllic lagoons. Therefore, no effort should be spared to maintain our beaches clean and safe in the interest of all beach users and the country at large.

Presently, there are some 134 public beaches in the Republic of Mauritius (122 in Mauritius and 12 in Rodrigues) that are managed and controlled by the Beach Authority. In the near future, nearly all the beaches will be proclaimed as public beaches and the onus rests on the Authority for the safety and security of all beach users as well as their maintenance and embellishment in a sustainable manner. Our main objective is to create five-star beaches with a view to contribute significantly in the mitigation of the impacts of climate change.


The administration section is responsible for the following: 1. Human Resources:
  • recruitment and training
  • formulation and implementation of policies
  • PMS
2. Transport:
  • Monitoring and maintaining the fleet of vehicles
3. Assisting the General Manager in the overall administration of the Authority

The technical section is responsible for:

  • implementation of projects on public beaches as per policy guidelines in force.
  • the enforcement of regulations in force and monitoring of scavenging contracts.
The procurement section is responsible for undertaking the procurement of goods, works and services for the Authority in compliance with the established rules and regulations.
The Finance Section is responsible for the preparation of budget and financial statements, monitoring and collection of revenues, processing and control of expenditure as per established rules, regulations and standards
The licencing department is responsible for the overall issue of authorisations to use public beaches as well as dealing with all matters as regards to issue and renewal of beach trader licences.